Limousine King Helped Mordialloc College teachers to reach Graduates

2020 has been an unusual year with Covid 19, with no school formals or graduations, so Mordialloc College teachers came up with the idea of presenting their certificates and congratulating all year 12 students. Limousine King over three days transported the Principal, Vice Principal, and two teachers to the homes of 140 students, traveling between bayside and south-eastern suburbs. 0401 266 035

Planning To Book A Wedding Limo? Here Are Some Tips You Need

Weddings are one of the most significant events in life. So, you must choose the right wedding transportation that complements your style and wedding theme. Having a wedding car hire Melbourne ensures that you have a fun-filled, memorable and trouble-free transport on your wedding day. More than that, you can peacefully enjoy the wedding segments without a hitch. Also, they know what you want and do everything to make your wedding transportation seamless and enjoyable. Whether you need a luxurious wedding car or a limo, ensure that you can manage expenses within your budget. In this blog post, we help you with some tips to choose the best limo for your wedding. Read to know more.

Count The Guest Size

Obviously, you’re going for a limo hire Melbourne to ride and leave the occasion in life. So, is the limo just for the two of you or for the entire group has to be decided well in advance. For example, if you want to have a super intimate wedding with a few guests, you can have a luxurious silver sedan to take you. Some limousines like the Silver Statesmen stretch limousine would be ideal for large groups where they offer ample space for all your family and guests to ride along with you. So, you need to pick the limo according to your preference and guest list.

Pick Your Choice

Choosing the best limo is no easy task. You have to look at the cars and limousines and see what instantly grabs your eye. In this case, always keep your wedding theme as the pickup point and choose accordingly. If it’s just the two of you who aspires to ride in a quirky wedding car, go for Royal orange Mach 1 Mustang wedding car. Whatever your preferences are, choose a limo, that it is comfortable, safe, and reliable and of course stylish for you.

Know Your Budget

Hiring a wedding car or a limousine doesn’t mean that you have to break the balance. You must plan and do the expenses and choose a limo hire service that stays well within your budget. If you have a low budget, yet still want a limo, you can check limousine hire Melbourne prices and see what can be done.

Bottom Line

After all, your wedding should be fun, stylish and comfortable, so why not hire a limo? If you’re looking for cost-effective yet premium limo hire Melbourne service, call Limousine King on 0401 266 035.


Why Should You Invest On Hiring A Limo For Your Corporate Event?

Perfectly planning and organising corporate events is extremely essential to run a successful business. Conducting structured meetings, training sessions, conferences, round-table discussions and product launches allows you to provide adequate information about your products to your consumers and teach your employees about your business’s key processes and operations. Well, when you organise such events, you will probably be inviting people from all over the city, country or even abroad. In that case, providing luxurious transportation to your clients and guests would be of a top priority. While you can utilise your company vehicles to transport your guests, choosing a limo hire service could make things up a notch.

Here are three key benefits that you can enjoy by entrusting your transportation needs to a professional limo hire Melbourne Company.

Convenience, Safety & Timesaving:

A dedicated limo hire service will ensure that your guests will be picked up on time and make their journey exceptionally convenient. As experienced chauffeurs are assigned to the customers, you don’t have to worry about their safety out in the streets of Melbourne.

Keep Up With The Event Schedule:

While the corporate events are known for starting late and lasting beyond the scheduled time for various reasons, you can stay on top of the schedule by hiring a reliable limo service. They follow the correct time for pick-ups and drop-offs of each client without any delay, contributing to the promptness of your event.

Show Off Your Commitment To Excellence:

You may be busy with several things while running a big event. However, you should remember that your clients will note-down the level of attention you provide for their needs. Hiring a limo helps you to demonstrate your commitment to quality service and personalised attention, which in turn helps building strong business relationships.

Book Your Limo With Limousine King!

Approaching Limousine King for your corporate event is the easiest way to initiate warm connections with your business clients and partners. We have a huge fleet of vehicles to choose from, so you can book a limo depending on your budget and transportation needs. Check our limo hire prices. If you want us to facilitate you in the process of choosing the right vehicle for your event, give us a call on 0401 266 035.

Reduce The Holiday Travel Stress With Professional Limo Services

The holiday season is all about fun and excitement; however, as exciting, it sounds, it brings as much stress. Holidays come once in a year and why not take the opportunity to travel in a luxurious limo? You can enjoy the holiday shopping or enjoy parties with friends and family while travelling in a limo. A limo hire Melbourne can help you enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about transportation in this brisk weather. Whether you have friends or family gatherings or attending a party, you need a limousine hire Melbourne where expert chauffeurs will take you to the destination safely.

Hassle-Free Holiday Shopping

Shopping has never been easier especially during the holidays. Imagine you’ll have to make too many trips to shop your dress, gifts and other stuff. When you book a limo hire Melbourne, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the shopping with friends and can be rest assured knowing that you will have a chauffeur to pick you up once you’re done.

Stress-Free Group Tours

Whether you have a big family or too many people coming along, a limousine hire in Melbourne can be the best bet. Instead of taking two or three cars, a simple and convenient way is a limousine ride. Not only does it save your fuel, but it also gives you a chance to mingle with friends and family together. On top of all, you will have a designated chauffeur to take care of all your travel needs.

Take A Break

If you have travel plans this holiday season, it’s better that you book a limo hire in Melbourne to take care of your travel needs. Whether it’s a pickup from the airport or to any tourist attractions, you can lay back and enjoy the ride. After all, it’s this season; you can give your car a break and take the luxury of travelling in a limo. If you’re concerned about the prices, check the limo hire prices, and see if you can get any holiday discounts by booking earlier.

For holiday travels or wedding transportation in Melbourne, give Limousine King a call and we’ll take care of your transport needs. For bookings, call 0401 266 035.

Make This New Year’s Eve The Best With A Limo Hire – Here’s How?

New Year is the longest festive night full of fun and excitement in a busy city like Melbourne. For people who want to celebrate New Year Eve 2021 in a special way, a limo hire Melbourne would be a great and adventurous experience. While you celebrate this happy occasion with friends and family, the pressure to make this an unforgettable night can be stressful. For example, you may have to appear at multiple parties with friends; binge eats at your favourite restaurants, stop at attractive spots to click pictures, and run into busy crowded venues, and much more. To do this, you may require a transport service that’ll help to tick off all the plans in your checklist with a breeze. If you’re wondering what to do, limousine hire Melbourne is the safest and best option you can rely on.

Get Started

The best thing about limo hire Melbourne on a special day like New Year’s Eve is you can start the party with friends, make toasts right when you get in, and don’t have to stop till you reach the location. As limousines offer a wide leg space, you can dance, drink and have lots of fun with friends and family.

Stay Away From The Rush

When it comes to Melbourne New Year’s Eve, every people will be out for the grand occasion, when the parties get over, all will be looking for rides home. Getting a cab at this hour and the surge fee can get high. Also, waiting for a cab in the middle of the night is not a great idea. When you a limo waiting for your outside your party venue, you can happily hop in and safely reach home without getting stuck in the crowd. Add to that fact that limousine hire Melbourne prices fall under your budget and you can even get discounts during special occasions like this.

Give Yourself A Treat

Whether it is New Year’s eve or any special occasion, it comes once a year. Limo hire in Melbourne is the best way to start and end the occasion in an elegant way. As you spend for grand dinners, make limousine hire Melbourne as part of your celebration for an unforgettable night to remember.

Bottom Line

Enter 2021 gracefully with friends and family without having to worry about how you’ll get around. Whether you’re coming from the faraway suburbs to the city for this night or need a limo to enjoy with friends and family, Limousine King should be your prime choice. For bookings, call or text 0401 266 035.

What Is The Right Stretch Limousine For You?

For many years, limousines have been marked as the “vehicles of celebrities”. Truly, stretch limousines were first used for presidential meetings, red carpet events and other similar events, but now, these types of vehicles are used for most types of events. With fast-rising stretch limousine hire companies in Melbourne, even a common man can experience the comfort and pleasure of driving in a stretch limo. These extravagant vehicles are available in various styles and designs to choose from. At Limousine King, we have plenty of vehicles that can make any occasion more memorable.

Silver Caprice Sedan:

With a sleek design, silver-coloured exterior, smooth-clean lines and stylish grille design, our Silver Caprice Sedan is suitable for individuals and up to 4 passages in comfort for transporting, business transport, corporate transport, smaller weddings and wedding transfers, etc.

Black Lincoln Stretch Limousine:

Large enough to accommodate 9 passengers, our American Black Lincoln Towncar Stretch Limousine is loaded with a number of luxurious features that let you ride in style and comfortable. This vehicle is a popular choice for bridal parties and formal events such as debutante balls, school formals, airport transfers, corporate transfers, etc.

Silver Statesman Caprice Stretch Limousine:

With a silver-body, glossy paint finish, sleek lines and comfortable interior, our Silver Statesman Caprice Stretch Limousine 10 seater is an excellent option with its big bridal door for weddings, parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, hens nights, sporting events, business transfers, winery tours, school formals, airport transfers, corporate limousine hire and much more.

Orange Mach 1 Mustang:

Built for speed and power, a true American muscle car our Orange Mach 1 Mustang is an ideal choice for transporting individual travelers and a newly married couple from wedding venue to airport or hotel. With bright orange pearl paint and black stripes, the vehicle looks amazing and turns every head on the road.

What’s The Right Vehicle For You?

While we have so many vehicles to choose from, you must decide upon the one that is right for you. Number of travelers, interior comfort, amenities incorporated and distance that has to be covered are a few things that you must consider. Apparently, it is also important to choose a vehicle that suits your budget.

With Limousine King, you will definitely find a limo that meets your budgetary and comfy needs. To know more about our limo hire Melbourne services, give us a call on 0401 266 035.

What Do You Get From A Full-Service Stretch Limo Hire?

What Do You Get From A Full-Service Stretch Limo Hire?

So, you have a special event coming up and you are looking for a luxury vehicle to arrive in style. When it comes to luxury transportation services, you have so many options to choose from. However, nothing will let you ride around in style than an elegant, luxurious limo. Whether it is your wedding, bachelor party, anniversary, wine tour, prom, date night or birthday party, you and all of your friends can ride together comfortably in a limo. But, what exactly do you get with a full-service stretch limousine hire? Let’s see:

Full-Maintained Vehicles:

Limousines pretty much require constant maintenance. The wedding limo hire companies emphasise on inspecting every vehicle once in a month and also conduct pre-trip inspection before dispatching a vehicle to the customer. They also conduct a full safety-check to ensure the safest ride possible every time.

Great Fleet Of Limos:

Most of the stretch-limo hire companies have their own fleet of vehicles which will be displayed on their website itself. If you prefer checking them out yourself in person, you can come down to their office and pick up the vehicle that is perfect for the event you want to celebrate.

Professional Chauffeurs:

One more thing that you will enjoy with limo hire Melbourne is that you will get an experienced chauffeur at your service. These companies assign chauffeurs who are professionally trained to ensure that you have the best customer service possible every time. They pay close attention to detail and remain more flexible to meet all your travel needs.

Luxurious Ride At Low Cost:

When it comes to wedding, you will need to hire many different vehicles to transport all of your guests to the ceremony site, reception site and photo site. This will cost you a lot of money, but with wedding limo hire Melbourne, you can enjoy a luxurious ride at the lowest possible price. Stretch limousines are large enough to accommodate up to 18 passengers, which prevents you from hiring multiple vehicle for your transportation needs.

At Limousine King, we provide full-service stretch limo hire services to our customers across Melbourne. If you want to add a touch of flair to your next event, make sure you book a limo with us! To know about our limo hire Melbourne prices, you can give us a call on 0401 266 035.

Stand out from the Crowd with Corporate Christmas Party Limo in Melbourne

As the Christmas season is arriving, you may be planning to throw a party. If you are wondering how you can stand out from the rest? Consider taking the advantage of a luxurious limo party hire Melbourne. Limos are an ideal option for sprucing your party.

 It is the year’s end. You will want to ensure that your party is a hit. You can have a great Christmas party in a limo. Moreover, your team members will have the chance to travel in a limo and arrive in style.  It is the best way to get your team enjoy Melbourne’s most stunning locations, holiday sights, and favourite food spots.

 When you plan to have an extravagant Christmas party, hire a limo that accommodates all your staff members. Limos are a very cost-effective way to transport a larger group of people. Instead of arranging multiple taxis or designated drivers, you can make everyone travel together in style. A limousine can also ensure a safe travel home for the group.

 Instead of simply using a limousine to get from one spot to another, you can have a list of tourist destinations where your team can enjoy the culinary delights and the spectacular setting it offers. This would be a perfect hideaway and chance for a great team-building atmosphere.

Limo parties are absolutely fun. You can make your corporate festivities stand out from the crowd by booking a limo for corporate Christmas party in Melbourne. At Limousine King, from small to large groups, we have a complete fleet of luxury vehicles to make your corporate Christmas party transportation safe, reliable and memorable. Your colleagues and guests will experience the best in our limos.

Our luxury party hire limos are a perfect fit for clients looking to make a special Christmas limo party memory that will be sure to enthrall everyone! Our Christmas limo services can be customized to meet your special holiday event transportation needs.

 For bookings and queries, call 0401 266 tel:0401266035035 today.

Check Out the Perfect Occasions for Limo Hire in Melbourne

From weddings to corporate events, winery tours, and private tours, Limos are a preferable choice for a wide range of occasions.  Whatever your occasion is, arriving in a limo never goes out of style.  By having a limo hire in Melbourne, you can make your occasion extra special and get all the attention that you deserve. Here are some of the occasions to hire a limo.

 Limousine Hire For your Wedding

Every bride wants to have an unforgettable experience on her big day. Hiring a limo can offer such lasting memories not only for the couple but everyone who is at the wedding. Limo is not limited to the wedding alone; with a limousine hire, you can have great bachelorette parties, pre-bridal showers, bucks or hen’s nights, and make the most of the limo experience before your wedding – Wedding limo hire

 Limo hire For Corporate events

Heading for a corporate event?  On an occasion like this when you are dressed best, it is okay to ditch the car and let the limo help you arrive in style.  A limo adds an extra level of excitement and provides the first-class service. So, when you hire limo in Melbourne for corporate events, you can expect to enjoy the full-service luxury every time.

 Limo Hire for Birthday Parties

Whether treating your loved one with a ride in a limo for a birthday party or touring around the favourite destination with friends, limo hire for birthdays is surely an incredible gift for your beloved.

 Limo Hire for Business Meetings

Ever thought you can win over your client by arriving in a limo? Arriving in a limo for your business partner meeting can have numerous benefits and it creates the best impression. Many successful business people use limo transport for their high-profile meetings.

 Limo Hire for Winery Tour

Thinking of a winery tour in Melbourne? It is the best way of pampering yourself from hustles and bustles of the city and head out in peace. Limo hire for wine tours in Melbourne is designed to offer you an unforgettable treat, where you can travel through the peaceful countryside in stylish limousines.

 Reach Us for Limo Hire in Melbourne

Many limo companies offer limo for various occasions if you want to make the most of your travel experience, contact Limousine King. We offer a luxurious line for all your lavish get-together. Call 0401 266 035 or fill out our online form to receive a no-obligation quote.