4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Limo for Your Wedding

So, you have decided to hire a limo to meet the transportation needs of your wedding day. Well, it’s an excellent choice. Hiring a limo and having a chauffeur by your side to take you around will alleviate a lot of stress. However, with numerous options available, choosing a perfect limo for wedding can be quite difficult. Here are some tips that let you make a wise decision.

How Many People Will Be Traveling With You In The Limousine?

When it comes to choosing a limousine hire Melbourne for your wedding, you should determine the number of seats you would probably need. Will all of your friends be riding with you? Or is it just the couples going to be in the limousine? Decide yourself and choose the limo accordingly.

How Much Can You Afford For Transportation?

The next crucial factor to consider is the amount you can afford for hiring a limousine. Most companies have a large variety of stretch limousines for wedding in their fleet. The limo hire prices may greatly vary depending on the model and size you choose. If you are budget conscious, you should be flexible and adjust your expectations.

What Kind Of Amenities Are You Looking For?

Most of the limousines come with a huge number of amenities incorporated to them. TVs, air conditioning units, high-powered stereo systems, strobe lights, dancing floors, beverages, etc. are available in most limousines. If you have some unique ideas in your mind to impress your partner or guests, you can discuss your needs with the limousine provider.

What Is Your Wedding Theme?

Most of the couples take pictures with their limo as a backdrop. If you have such ideas, you can choose a limo that will match your wedding theme. This means that you consider the colour and style of the limo while picking up the transportation for your big day.

At Limousine King, we realise that your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life.  That’s why we offer a wide range of wedding packages that let you ride around in style within your budget. Our wedding car hire Melbourne is available for wedding ceremony, reception, bridal party, bachelor party, photo-shoot and several other purposes at a reasonable price. To book your limo, you can give us a call on 0401 266 035.

Why Should You Choose Limo Hire Service For Airport Transfers?

If you are one among those who frequently travel for business purposes, you may indeed be aware of the significance of hiring the best airport transfer service. Whether you are traveling within the city or outside, you need a transportation service that incorporates all your business-related essentials. In that case, choosing a limo hire for airport transfers would be the best choice. However, why should you choose a limo service? Let us see some of its benefits.

Peace of Mind:

When you are traveling for business purposes, you would have to prepare for the meeting ahead, presentations and other pertaining things. As you can enjoy full privacy with a limousine hire Melbourne, you can get ready for the meeting without any disruption.

Local Chauffeurs:

A limousine hire means you will get a professional, experienced, well-trained chauffeur at your service. Most probably, you will get a local chauffeur who knows the safe, short routes to take you quickly to your intended destination.

Warm Greetings:

Who does not like a warm welcome after a long tiring flight? When you book a limo for airport transfer, you will be greeted by the chauffeur at the airport terminal and taken to the luxurious vehicle from where your comfortable ride begins.

Upfront Pricing:

When you book airport transfers with a reputable limo hire Melbourne company, you can have an assurance of upfront pricing without any hidden charges. You will be given an estimate beforehand which will be the amount you will finally be paying.


For any traveler, missing the flight due to delay in reaching the airport is definitely a nightmare. When you use a professional limo service, you can arrive on time. The limo hire companies track your flights and adjust the pick-up and drop-off timings, if there is any delay.


The leisure and relaxation you will get in a limo will definitely revitalise you. This is because the limousines have a luxurious and relaxing interior where you can unwind comfortably throughout the ride. As a result, you will look relaxed and fresh for the business meeting ahead.

Would you like to pamper yourself with these luxuries? Call Limousine King at 0401 266 035 and book a stretch limo for airport transfers.

What Makes Stretch Limo Hire A Popular Choice among Travelers?

Stretch limousines are typically associated with extravagance and royalty. Whether you travel individually or as a group, stretch limo will be the first option to strike the mind. Regardless of where you are heading to, this vehicle has everything needed for a lavish travel. If you have not yet discovered the traits of limo hire services and want to know how limos turn out to be an ultimate option for your travel, you must read the points mentioned below.

Opulent Interior:

The opulent interior will make you feel like a VIP once you step into it.  Spacious floors and comfy leather seats will let you settle back and relax throughout the ride. With its inviting and warm ambience, you will experience something lavish when you travel without burning a hole in your pocket.

Luxury and Serenity:

Limousines are associated with comfort, luxury and serenity. When you settle inside, you will feel completely luxurious with the amenities such as plush leather seats, TVs, bar, strobe lights, stereo lights and unlimited beverages that are available around you.

Professional Chauffeur:

When you opt for limo hire Melbourne, you will have professional chauffeurs to take you to your intended destination. The chauffeurs undergo special training to serve the clients in the best possible manner. With no worries of driving, parking and dealing with traffic, you can spend quality time with your mates.

Perfect For Budget-Conscious People:

Another crucial fact of limousine is that the space inside the vehicle is large enough to lodge about 8 to 11 passengers. When you consider the cost per individual, hiring a limo proves to be a cost-effective option for point to point transfers.

Memorable Experience:

Everyone yearns to make an elegant appearance in a luxury limousine. If you have any special event on the chart and want to make a grand entrance, why not hire a limo and turn the moments into memories? Discreet chauffeur services, comfortable interior and prompt transferring services will provide you with a memorable experience.

Now, you might have understood how limousines turn out to be an optimal choice for the most people. If you are really serious about enjoying a ride in a luxurious vehicle, you can opt for your favourite limo rental package at Limousine King by calling 0401 266 035. We offer stretch limo hire for various occasions and purposes such as airport transfers, wedding limousines, cruise transfers, sporting events, hens night, corporate parties, school formals, winery tours and other special events at the most competitive prices.

List of Options For Different Occasions

Whether it’s a business meeting, a corporate event, a special date, or even a simple pick up or drop off, Limo services in Melbourne have eased the stressful travel experience and are widely preferred by people for its luxury and the ability to pick/drop on time. When you hire a limo in Melbourne, you don’t have to worry about being late or have to guide the driver, professional chauffeurs are location experts. They handle everything to help you reach the destination on time. However, when choosing a limo service, you might be blown away with a wide array of vehicle options. To help you choose the right choice, here are some of the options.

Silver Caprice Sedan

Silver Caprice Sedan – Family outings are an absolute get away from today’s stressful lifestyle. If you’re planning a winery tour with family or a short picnic, hiring a sedan would be a great fit. It can accommodate a mini family of 4; but, you must plan before the occasion.

Silver Statesman Stretch Limousine

Whether it’s your wedding day or throwing a bachelorette party for your friends, you might want to make it memorable with a touch of luxury. Silver Statesman Stretch Limousine is a grand option to arrive at the venue in style. It is an excellent option for bridal parties and special events. Moreover, it greatly helps brides to accommodate space for their huge wedding dresses.

Orange Mach 1Mustang

If you’re a sportive person and want something different and unique for an event, then this Orange Mach 1 Mustang is undeniably the best. With its tangy orange colour and super-speed, you can make the crowd turn heads with a stunning arrival.

Black Lincoln Stretch Limousine

Special events like award functions, corporate meetings & events, business meetings demand something unique. You need to choose a vehicle that is professional and sleek, and luxurious. Black Lincoln Stretch Limousine is a popular choice, where you can get down in style and feel like a VIP.

Want to make your limo journey memorable? Hire the expert limo service in Melbourne from Limousine King. For bookings, call 0401 266 035 today.

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Make Your Valentine’s Day Special With A Limo Service!

Wondering how to make your valentine’s day special? – Make it special with a limo hire and get to the fantastic spots you have always wished for. Whether you want to take your friends along or just the two of you, you can sit and enjoy cozily inside a stylish limousine. The reason that people hire limo services in Melbourne is that they want to travel with comfort and satisfaction. Moreover, if you want to flatter your beloved and execute any surprise plans, you can do it easily by booking a limo service and put all those into action. In this blog, we help you with some perks of hiring a limo to make your beloved feel special and loved.

A Sweet Surprise:

Limo hire is one of the best ways to make your valentine’s day special. You can create lasting memories with your beloved by surprising her with a luxurious limo experience. By showing up to your beloved with a luxurious limo will make her go speechless. Taking her to a date night in a limo is a show of class and style.

Celebrate Your Special Moments:

Limousine is all about privacy and comfort. So, when you hire a professional limo service, you can have your own space and time to spend with your beloved. It’s all about creating moments; you can enjoy the comfy and luxurious interiors, click pictures together, watch a movie, or share a glass of champagne, and listen to her/his favourite music while enjoying the ride.

Travel With Comfort:

It would be annoying to look for parking lots when you drive by yourself on this special day. With a professional limo service, you can hand all the stress to the chauffeurs and be stress-free. From maintaining the driving speed to checking the traffic signals, professional chauffeurs take care of the entire ride with the utmost care and provide you with a great limo experience.

Looking for luxurious limo service in Melbourne? Get the help of professional chauffeurs from Limousine King. For bookings, call 0401 266 035 today.

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Stand out from the Crowd with Corporate Christmas Party Limo in Melbourne

As the Christmas season is arriving, you may be planning to throw a party. If you are wondering how you can stand out from the rest? Consider taking the advantage of a luxurious limo party hire Melbourne. Limos are an ideal option for sprucing your party.

 It is the year’s end. You will want to ensure that your party is a hit. You can have a great Christmas party in a limo. Moreover, your team members will have the chance to travel in a limo and arrive in style.  It is the best way to get your team enjoy Melbourne’s most stunning locations, holiday sights, and favourite food spots.

 When you plan to have an extravagant Christmas party, hire a limo that accommodates all your staff members. Limos are a very cost-effective way to transport a larger group of people. Instead of arranging multiple taxis or designated drivers, you can make everyone travel together in style. A limousine can also ensure a safe travel home for the group.

 Instead of simply using a limousine to get from one spot to another, you can have a list of tourist destinations where your team can enjoy the culinary delights and the spectacular setting it offers. This would be a perfect hideaway and chance for a great team-building atmosphere.

Limo parties are absolutely fun. You can make your corporate festivities stand out from the crowd by booking a limo for corporate Christmas party in Melbourne. At Limousine King, from small to large groups, we have a complete fleet of luxury vehicles to make your corporate Christmas party transportation safe, reliable and memorable. Your colleagues and guests will experience the best in our limos.

Our luxury party hire limos are a perfect fit for clients looking to make a special Christmas limo party memory that will be sure to enthrall everyone! Our Christmas limo services can be customized to meet your special holiday event transportation needs.

 For bookings and queries, call 0401 266 tel:0401266035035 today.

Check Out the Perfect Occasions for Limo Hire in Melbourne

From weddings to corporate events, winery tours, and private tours, Limos are a preferable choice for a wide range of occasions.  Whatever your occasion is, arriving in a limo never goes out of style.  By having a limo hire in Melbourne, you can make your occasion extra special and get all the attention that you deserve. Here are some of the occasions to hire a limo.

 Limousine Hire For your Wedding

Every bride wants to have an unforgettable experience on her big day. Hiring a limo can offer such lasting memories not only for the couple but everyone who is at the wedding. Limo is not limited to the wedding alone; with a limousine hire, you can have great bachelorette parties, pre-bridal showers, bucks or hen’s nights, and make the most of the limo experience before your wedding – Wedding limo hire

 Limo hire For Corporate events

Heading for a corporate event?  On an occasion like this when you are dressed best, it is okay to ditch the car and let the limo help you arrive in style.  A limo adds an extra level of excitement and provides the first-class service. So, when you hire limo in Melbourne for corporate events, you can expect to enjoy the full-service luxury every time.

 Limo Hire for Birthday Parties

Whether treating your loved one with a ride in a limo for a birthday party or touring around the favourite destination with friends, limo hire for birthdays is surely an incredible gift for your beloved.

 Limo Hire for Business Meetings

Ever thought you can win over your client by arriving in a limo? Arriving in a limo for your business partner meeting can have numerous benefits and it creates the best impression. Many successful business people use limo transport for their high-profile meetings.

 Limo Hire for Winery Tour

Thinking of a winery tour in Melbourne? It is the best way of pampering yourself from hustles and bustles of the city and head out in peace. Limo hire for wine tours in Melbourne is designed to offer you an unforgettable treat, where you can travel through the peaceful countryside in stylish limousines.

 Reach Us for Limo Hire in Melbourne

Many limo companies offer limo for various occasions if you want to make the most of your travel experience, contact Limousine King. We offer a luxurious line for all your lavish get-together. Call 0401 266 035 or fill out our online form to receive a no-obligation quote.

Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Limo For Your Next Business Meeting

Whether you are a startup or an established firm, business meeting in a luxury limo is a chance to stun your client. When you want to win an important business professional, you must be presentable in every aspect. It starts with organising a sleek limo for your business transport; this will have a great impact on you. When it comes to creating a business image, what image you give out will be assessed by your clients, and it affects your business reputation. Hiring a business limousine for your next business meeting will have great benefits.

Good Impression

In the business world, creating the first impression decides what type of client you are. You can never go wrong with a limousine. It is a fashionable statement that adds value to your image. Imagine yourself getting down from a business limousine. Undoubtedly, it will create an impeccable impression about you and your clients will have a positive feeling throughout the meeting.


Being punctual is one of the aspects that will help you earn a good name among your business partners. By hiring a business limo, you can never run late to any business meeting. Professional chauffeurs will arrive on time and help you get to the meeting on-time. Most business professionals will also rate your time management skills and punctuality and would appreciate you if you are on time for the meeting.

Increased Productivity & Reliability

When you hire a reputed limousine service, all you can do is sit and relax, and prepare yourself for the meeting. You will have enough time to prepare your business presentation, groom yourself a little, or send emails, and relax a while. Most limousine services offer free Wifi, you can even have an online video conference in a limo during the ride, and after reaching the venue, you can have an offline one. This reduces the scenario of late meetings and boosts your productivity level.

If you want to hire a business limo for your next business meeting, take advantage of Melbourne’s reputed business limo service – Limousine King. For bookings, call us on 0401 266 035 today.

How To Choose The Right Limo For Your Needs?

Most special occasions require a luxury transportation service. It offers the grandeur and luxury that you expect. Renting a limousine will be perfect for any occasion because of its sleek look and various luxurious amenities. Limousines are luxury vehicles that can accommodate any guest size that you require. Also, there are several limousine companies to choose from, it is important to choose the right one that fits your needs.

Consider Their Fleet Varieties

Limousine companies offer a wide variety of limos that suit different occasions and needs. However, the limousine company that you are interested in should offer a variety of fleets and understand the guest size. On top of that, they must have limousines in different sizes. Ultimately, you do not need a big party bus for a six-member group. Also, it is important to check whether the limousine company has the exact type of vehicle that you are looking for.


When you engage a limousine company, you must check whether their vehicles are in good condition. Also, ask them if they offer any modern limousines that meet your requirements. The company should be interested in giving you relevant details about their vehicle history and respond to your queries in a timely fashion.

Fix Your Budget

When it comes to booking a limousine, you do not have to be a rich one. Many limousine companies offer promotions and discounts that can work well within your fixed budget. You must ensure whether the service is worth the money that you spend. If an incredible journey and a high-quality service is your expectation, then price should not stop you from getting a luxurious journey.

Know Their Amenities

When selecting a limousine service, you must consider the amenities that you need. You do not want a huge limo that is pretty large for your guests or small ones that offer no flexible space. Choose the type of limo that comfortably fits all your guests. You can also ask whether they have other facilities like drinks availability? Do they play music? You must ensure that all these are covered under your package and no hidden fees are thrown upon you.

 Planning to hire a limo? Get the help of the experts in limo hire services – Limousine King. For bookings, call us on 0401 266 035 today.

How To Hire The Right Limo For Your Party?

There is nothing more exciting than having a party in a fully-equipped luxurious limo. People already knew what it means to have a good time. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party or a bachelor party, renting a limo or a party bus will give you an unforgettable party experience. Party limos will add extra elegance to your memorable evening or night. If you like some royal treatment, then hiring limo would be the right thing. If you have decided to hire a limo for your party, we have compiled a few tips to turn your party night into an unforgettable and memorable one.

 Decide Your Crowd

Before hiring a limo or a party bus, you must be able to jot down the list of people you want to invite for your event. If you have dwindled the list, you can be sure of the type of vehicle that would be perfect for your occasion.

 Get the Final Count

Once you jotted the list, you may want to surprise your friends with an invite. Once, you have got the final list of people who would be coming for the party, you can be able to decide the limo that can accommodate your group.

 Plan Your Itinerary

You can customise your set of events that you want to do. You can stop over a bar, hog on some short bites with your friends, do a little shopping, take photographs at different spots, and when you are exhausted, you can get back along with your pals into the limo, and let the chauffeur drive you home.

 Choose Your Limo

Well, it all depends on the size of the friend’s group and the options are endless. From mini party bus to large limos, there are numerous limo options that can fit all your friends. You can make an unforgettable evening and enjoy all the luxury amenities, built-in bars, and have a club effect on a party bus.

 No matter what your special occasion, Limousine King has a fantastic range limousines hire for wedding, event, parties and more. Need to hire a party limo? Call us on 0401 266 035 to help you.