Black Lincoln Stretch Limousine

  • 9 Passengers maximum
  • Accommodates 8 passengers in the back & 1 in front
  • Enough space to carry considerable amounts of luggage and accessories
  • Useful for brides to accommodate their large wedding dresses
  • Excellent for formal events and bridal parties
  • Fully equipped bar
  • Built in TV
  • Roof neon lights
  • Leather seats
  • Full speaker sound system
  • Bluetooth phone music connectivity
  • Dual Air-conditioning for your comfort
  • Laser lights
  • DVD Player
  • Privacy Screen
Special days and events don’t come often and most people want to make them memorable with a touch of luxury. One such luxury is the our classic Black Lincoln Towncar Stretch Limousine. This car is one of our most popular offerings because it doesn’t just look great, but is also quite practical. The Lincoln Stretch is the most popular limousine around the world. American presidents, hip hop artists, and movie stars all ride in style in the Lincoln.